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If your loved one suddenly needed emergency medical attention, would you know what to do?  If the reason you're here is to find an answer to an existing emergency, please, go dial 911, NOW!  If however, you're here to prepare yourself for that emergency, read on.

With 20+ years of involvement in Emergency Medical Services, we at Emergency Medical Ed feel we have much to offer our readers through our free online information system, which provides free medical training and free medical advice regarding first aide, and basic life support.

Our experience in EMT training and Paramedic training (as well as training "in-house" advanced life support providers, i.e. Doctors, Nurses and Technicians) has prepared us to deal with the problems that many Medical Providers bring to the classroom setting.  Our awareness of the community's "need to know," and our experience in training adult learners, has kept us sensitive enough to anticipate the concerns of the non-medical students who look for answers.

Whether you are here to solve a problem or find an answer, we can help.  Your experience here will help develop a sense of confidence because knowledge breeds confidence.  With your confidence will come an eagerness to take action and your confident action may just save a life.

Nothing provided on these pages is intended to replace the experience of a live classroom setting, nor is it expected (for the non-medical visitor) to replace the service provided by professional medical personnel.  We do, however, intend to augment those two aspects of emergency medicine, by providing free online information that will ultimately help the victim of some unfortunate circumstance.  This site is not a textbook, nor is it written in that style.  We did, however, refer to several different texts and publications to verify information.  One text that became the mainstay of our search for information is the Eight Edition of the AAOS' (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA.  If your interested in more information about the publishers, you can visit their website at www.jbpub.com, or if you'd like more information about AAOS' Orange Book Series, visit their website at www.emtb.com.   Links to both sites are available on the "Links Page" of this site.

Our goal is to help medical providers deal with concerns regarding Basic Life Support by providing our insight, and offering a forum for dialogue to address unanticipated concerns.  Just click the "Contact Us" link on any page to initiate that dialogue, we'll do our best.

We would also like to invite the general public to look through the information offered here. There are pages that have been specifically designed for non-medical providers.  In this area, it is our goal to  provide enough information to allow an individual to find the confidence to step out and say, "I can help." And, again, we're no further away than the "Contact Us" link mentioned above.

For the most part, we have tried to keep each page free of "clutter."  For those of you who like to read, most of the main pages contain only printed matter.  If you're one who appreciates a good picture, to help drive the concept home, we've included links to secondary pages, within this site, where you'll find graphics, drawings, pictures or definitions that are associated with the linked term.  We've put many hours into creating an "easy to follow" navigation system.  Each secondary page contains a "return" link that will bring you back to the primary page at the same relative spot from which you left.  If you are using a screen reader to surf this site, we have associated "alternative text" with each of the graphics on the primary and secondary pages to facilitate the continuity of the page for your screen reader.  We have just recently completed a site map, which will facilitate getting to a specific page and should help if the normal navigation system is inoperative.  You'll find a link to the site map at the top of each page. 

If there is a specific subject or term that you would like to find in this site, you'll find a Google™ search box on each page like the one below.  It will allow you to search just this site.  The search results will be displayed on a page within this site and returning to this page can be accomplished by utilizing the "BACK" function in your browser. 

At times we may approach a subject with a "tongue-in-cheek" attitude and may even make jokes about certain aspects of a medical problem.  Please do not interpret our glibness as lack of concern.  The effort we have put forth here should be adequate indication of our commitment to our goals.  Nevertheless, we have found that the learning curve becomes much steeper when social barriers and "self-protective emotional walls" are destroyed by an atmosphere of FUN.






Note from Mr. Corby: 

Recently, the cost of maintaining these pages has started to "bite" into my budget.  I'm not complaining, mind you, the amount of self-satisfaction that I get from your comments about the usefulness of this site, is well worth the expense.  One way or another, I will continue to maintain and update these pages for as long as I draw breath. If you would like to help by making a small non-tax-deductible contribution to 'the cause,' I would be eternally grateful.  For your convenience, use the PayPal link below.



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